“One sees the sun slowly set, yet one is surprised when it suddenly becomes dark.” Franz Kafka

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Blowback's gonna be a bitch, eh Dave?

End of term schoolbook pictures of the UK RoP

Fresh from yet more squealing for something to be done regarding Syria, the out of depth Cameron should reflect on something that Syrian President al-Assad mentioned in an interview last week.

"They are aware that weapons sent to the region will end up in the hands of terrorists, which will have two consequences. First, Europe’s back garden will become a hub for terrorism and chaos, which leads to deprivation and poverty; Europe will pay the price and forfeit an important market. Second, terrorism will not stop here – it will spread to your countries. It will export itself through illegal immigration or through the same terrorists who returned to their original countries after being indoctrinated and trained more potently."

Right on cue but hidden from ordinary British eyes:

London - Amid a media blackout, British authorities arrested a group of terrorists who participated in the fighting in Syria. 
Special informed sources from London revealed to the Palestinian al-Manar newspaper that in early June British security forces arrested a group of 11 terrorists in London who had come back from Syria where they were involved in the fighting there. 
The sources noted that the group's members held meetings in Britain and were carrying out suspicious activities, which led to their arrest.
A British terrorist who joined Jabhat al-Nusra five months ago said that there is a ''waiting list'' of terrorists who volunteered to carry out suicide operations in Syria. 
The 23-years-old British terrorist, nicknamed Abu Khaled, confessed in an interview with Reuters correspondent in Salqin city in Idleb countryside that, "sometimes, half of the fighters in the frontlines are foreigners, especially Libyans and Saudis." 
The Syrian cities have seen scores of suicide attacks by car bombs and explosive devices that claimed hundreds of lives. The terrorist attacks drew no condemnation from several countries that back terrorism in Syria, especially Britain, France, US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Abu Khaled has lived in England his whole life, he says, but came to Syria four or five months ago and joined fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra who put him on the front lines outside Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

So explain Mr Cameron why you are hell bent on giving these terrorists the weapons with which to murder yet more ordinary Syrian Civilians but at the same time you want them arrested, presumably for being potential terrorists, when they return to the UK?

And no, I don't buy the line that they were acting suspiciously. Not at all.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Go, go SAA!

Christian Church Qusair
I see* that the B(ritish) B(ullshit) C(orporation) has provided two video reports about Qusair which has been liberated by the SAA from the death grip of the NATO backed mercenary forces of Takfiri and Wahabbist Saudi/Qatari funded 'rebels' or terrorists, as most sane people are wont to call them.

Whilst lamenting the failure of the al Nusra Front and al Qaeda to hold onto the city they instead focus on soldiers removing belongings of ordinary people and the fact that Hezbollah fighters have been assisting the SAA in despatching the NATO/US/UK/FRENCH/TURKISH/SAUDI/QATAR proxy terrorist 'army' to a richly deserving afterlife as worm food.

The BBC is the most sickening, degenerate piece of filth that masquerades as a news channel as one can find in the West, surpassing both NBC and Fox in its outright denial of the facts on the ground in Syria.

The NATO/US/UK/FRENCH/TURKISH/SAUDI/QATAR proxy army has been routed, killed and generally sent to the inner depths of Hades by the heroic actions of the Syrian Arab Army. The Israelis have attempted to intervene in their own interests (as always) but have come up against a combination of a Syrian/Russian/Iranian and possibly Chinese wall (see what I did there?)

The fact that Syria, according to the UN, now needs massive amounts of aid can be laid squarely at the door of the UN/NATO/US/UK/FRENCH/TURKISH/SAUDI and QATARI war mongers. The sanctions imposed by the US and its lap dog UN on the orders of the salivating bitch Clinton are intended to impact on ordinary civilians to the detriment of their survival interests.

The sooner all the major players in the interference of a Sovereign nation's affairs are brought to trial and hung for their war crimes the better the world will be.

Funny how they never intervened in Zimbabwe when Bob began his ethnic/tribal cleansing.

I wonder why?

*I refuse to give links to the cesspit that is the bbc. I'm sure anyone can find them. Also the comments under the articles are the product of brain dead fools who believe anything the BBC tells them. I am ashamed to be part of their ethnic grouping.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Compared to Cameron, Nigel's dick is this big

I am not a political animal, politics and politicians, especially politicians, leave me wishing we had the right to bear arms. Which is probably why we don't have it. I don't vote as I have no intention of legitimising any government, whatever the hue. And no, people did not die in two world wars so those that came after could put an X on a piece of paper and thereby give control to a bunch of treasonous, murderous sociopaths.

The UK but primarily the English have been sold down the river by Parliament since the traitor Heath's time and nothing is likely to change that, certainly voting won't change it.

It is however nice to see at least one politician having the gumption to state some quite plain facts. When pressed by a Times hack as to the purported shortfall in revenue claimed by other political pygmies, UKIP's Godfrey Bloom replied thus;

"The Times made no serious attempt to understand the spending cuts which UKIP would make. £15 billion per annum on EU membership, £12 billion on fake charity subscriptions, £14 billion on overseas ‘aid’  [and] £60 billion on Quangoes, if you allow £10 billion of Quangoes to remain. That gives us a saving of £91 billion to open the batting."

I don't know why £10 billion of Quangoes have to remain, I'd cut the lot off at the fucking knees thereby saving £101 billion in total but I love the rest of the intended recipients. I'd go further though and confiscate all the wealth of those individuals who have grown fat on the taxpayers coin and put them to work in their respective communities on minimum wage. To encourage les autres, you understand. Actually I'd go even further and hang the bastards that have been given the CP funded 'leading beyond authority' remit.

If UKIP really were going to do what Godfrey Bloom states then I'd be tempted to put my cross on the ballot paper but unfortunately they are just another facet of the political zirconium and if ever elected, would ultimately fail to do what is best for the long suffering people of this once great nation.

Still, it's heart warming to see at least one politician who recognises where the savings can be made.

Read the whole thing here. (Love the final put-down of the Times hack!)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Feel the beat

I see that the Muslim Brotherhood have had an apoplectic fit at the UN setting out terms for the end of violence against women. A quote from the 'Hood sums up all you need to know about Muslims casual waving away of condemnation regarding their backward, Dark Age take on things:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood have claimed that a UN declaration calling for an end to violence against women will lead to the "complete disintegration of [Muslim] society".

That's right. If one cannot beat the shit out of females the Muslim society will fail to exist. These so called 'humans' are the bottom of the barrel, the dregs of humanity and the living proof that their take on religion renders them forever in the darkness of stupidity.

There was also the hilarious pronouncement of a spokesman for President Mursi, who said:

'marital rape was a western rather than Egyptian problem.'

Do me a favour you backward fuckwit. The only reason that there is technically no marital rape in Muslim society is because it's better to allow the husband to shove his dick where it isn't wanted rather than to die in the morning.

Muslims, living proof that there is no god.

In other news I see that the EU led by Germany has poured cold water on Cameron and Hollande's attempt to funnel more arms to the Syrian 'rebels'. There's not much to like about the EU, in fact there is much to loathe but very, very occasionally it slaps down twats like Cameron. Shame it didn't do the same with the traitor Blair.

I doubt that this will stop the bone-head from escalating the conflict as it's not his arse on the line. No politician is ever willing to put their life at any sort of risk, better to send others to do the dirty work. Might interfere with a night with the Jewish lobby eh, Davey boy?

It's long gone time that we should string these bastards up from lamp-posts.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Crocodile tears

Click to enlarge

I see that the piece of filth currently masquerading as Foreign Secretary has been offering condolences for the murdered hostage Brendan-Vaughan at the hands of a Nigerian al Qaeda affiliated Islamic terrorist group, Ansaru, which means in Arabic, 'yet more proof of no intelligent life on Earth'.

Hague the Vile's words will offer no respite from grief to the family of Mr Vaughan coming as they do from an enthusiastic supporter of terrorism especially that of al Qaeda affiliated groups such as the Al Nasura Front in Syria.

Funny how a bomb blast in Damascus that killed over fifty innocent people due to a terrorist trying to get to his 72 year old virgin went without any condemnation from the Tories, the Liberals and the Labour party, despite the fact that, apart from the terrorist, mainly innocent people were blasted to pieces.

From the article:

'Responsibility for this tragic outcome rests squarely with the terrorists.'

No it doesn't. Responsibility for this and all other terrorist outrages rest with those Governments who actively   pursue arming and encouraging thick headed Muslim extremists to wage proxy wars on behalf of the West.

'We are utterly determined to work with them [Nigerian Govt.] to hold the perpetrators of this heinous act to account, and to combat the terrorism which so blights the lives of people in northern Nigeria and in the wider region.'

Of course you will Willie. Except you won't be getting personally involved will you? You might send the sons of other families off to die in some foreign land but you yourself won't want to spoil your appetite for dinner with that sort of thing.

Hague, you are a weapons grade cock chugger who has no moral authority. Your hands are as washed with blood as those of Blair, Cameron and all the other yellow streaked excuses for politicians that claim to speak for the people of this country.

Fuck off and die you maloderous piece of excrement.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Mostlyshit Twins *

I'm not at all sure where this report originates from as there has been no coverage in the UK press that I can find and it appears to be an Iranian translation of a Chinese newspaper article (what could possibly go wrong?) However...

A Chinese newspaper report has condemned Britain over its “pointless posturing” over China’s internal issues, saying that Britain will face political and economic penalty if it continues antagonizing the Asian country.
 The state paper, the Global Times, warned that British authorities should avoid making baseless accusations on issues including human rights and Tibet or they will face a strong response from China.

First of all, 'Global Times'... for a Chinese newspaper... seriously? Secondly, 'baseless' accusations on Chinese Yuman Rights and Tibet? You've got to be kidding, right?

All that aside WTF are Dumb and Dumber doing attempting to lecture the Chinese on how they conduct their affairs? I mean, what are they going to do, invade China? Send their proxy islamofascist killers to China to wage regime change? This, if true, is pathetic ego masturbation by two impotent political pygmies.

“If Britain and China start competing over who can be tougher against the other, can Britain be the winner?” the newspaper asked.

The editorial published on Wednesday explained that some British senior authorities such as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Foreign Secretary William Hague were being “tough” against China.

Aww, now I know it's a piss take, Clegg and Hague being tough, f'nur, f'nur. The pair of them together couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. I reckon if you talked rather loudly to Hague he'd shit himself.

Any “reckless moves against China's interests” would be confronted by consequences, said the newspaper.

Coming soon to skies over you
 I did find this interesting though -

“China is cultivating more contacts with separatists in Northern Ireland and Scotland which would make London quite uncomfortable."

Can we look forward to Chinese inspired and funded Clans sweeping through the Borders and on towards Westmonster? Will The Hammer be spinning?

Coming soon to a street near you
Any “reckless moves against China's interests” would be confronted by consequences, said the newspaper, adding that “once China adopts political and economic countermeasures, they (UK) would hardly bear the suffering.”

In the words of KK, "I'd love it", if the fuckwits that are Vague and Clogg were to pursue their attempt to bring the Chinese to book. As we wind down our experienced armed forces in preference to adverts on the TV for new, raw recruits we are going to become an absolute laughing stock (if we are not already).

Go on Willy, go on Cleggy fulfill your dreams. Poke a stick at the Chinese and watch as America doesn't bail you out.

* With apologies to OMD

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bitter Harvest

Miscanthus, a biofuel crop. Photo courtesy of USDA/Bob Nichols.

Isn't it just great when the assorted batteries of eco-fascists go to extraordinary lengths to foist a 'planet saving' idea onto humanity only to rack up a catalogue of eco disasters that they have neither foreseen nor paid attention to?

The scramble for biofuels is rapidly killing off unique grasslands and pastures in the central US. 
Bill Henwood of the Temperate Grasslands Conservation Initiative in Vancouver, Canada, says the results are distressing.

Well, Bill this is what happens when one group of 'conservationists' ram through their agenda against the wishes of other conservationists. All it means is that you are in the wrong group. The bigger they are, the louder they can shout and the less attention is paid to small fry. You'd better get used to it, after all we, the ordinary men and women, have had all manner of things foisted upon us without ever having a say in it.

You, like us are at the less than tender mercies of the WHO and the WWF, the UN, the US and the EU (although not so much the EU in your case).

And what of the EU, you know those eco unfriendly barbarians with the anti Midas touch?

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

The growth of palm oil plantations in Indonesia has led to massive amounts of deforestation.

European demand for biofuel was set to spike, driven in part by EU regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
Industry researchers had found an answer in palm oil, a relatively easy-to-produce biofuel source. Plantation owners prepared their operations to meet the demand...
... and environmental chaos ensued. 
High-consumption production practices, moving palm oil with petrol powered trucks and the practice of draining and burning peat bogs to prepare farmland have made the south-east Asian nation one of the world's leading greenhouse gas emitters.

Y'see Bill, when you allow a group of ignorant half-wits to set the agenda you will end up with a far worse situation than the one you initially had. But you know, it's not ever really been about the environment, it's always been about the money. The corrupt, corpulent leeches that inhabit every large governing body and charity are only ever in it for themselves and what they can make.

Meanwhile, back in the good ol' US of A

Over 70% of the wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region have been drained or severely degraded, and the destruction continues. 
Grasslands crucial to waterfowl populations have been decimated-less than one-fourth remains and the prairies continue to be converted to cropland at an alarming rate.
The federal farm program subsidizes wheat, corn, soybeans accelerating the destruction of the native prairie.

It could be mistaken for a Boulting Brother's comedy were it not for the fact that real lives, as always, are impacted.