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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Mostlyshit Twins *

I'm not at all sure where this report originates from as there has been no coverage in the UK press that I can find and it appears to be an Iranian translation of a Chinese newspaper article (what could possibly go wrong?) However...

A Chinese newspaper report has condemned Britain over its “pointless posturing” over China’s internal issues, saying that Britain will face political and economic penalty if it continues antagonizing the Asian country.
 The state paper, the Global Times, warned that British authorities should avoid making baseless accusations on issues including human rights and Tibet or they will face a strong response from China.

First of all, 'Global Times'... for a Chinese newspaper... seriously? Secondly, 'baseless' accusations on Chinese Yuman Rights and Tibet? You've got to be kidding, right?

All that aside WTF are Dumb and Dumber doing attempting to lecture the Chinese on how they conduct their affairs? I mean, what are they going to do, invade China? Send their proxy islamofascist killers to China to wage regime change? This, if true, is pathetic ego masturbation by two impotent political pygmies.

“If Britain and China start competing over who can be tougher against the other, can Britain be the winner?” the newspaper asked.

The editorial published on Wednesday explained that some British senior authorities such as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Foreign Secretary William Hague were being “tough” against China.

Aww, now I know it's a piss take, Clegg and Hague being tough, f'nur, f'nur. The pair of them together couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. I reckon if you talked rather loudly to Hague he'd shit himself.

Any “reckless moves against China's interests” would be confronted by consequences, said the newspaper.

Coming soon to skies over you
 I did find this interesting though -

“China is cultivating more contacts with separatists in Northern Ireland and Scotland which would make London quite uncomfortable."

Can we look forward to Chinese inspired and funded Clans sweeping through the Borders and on towards Westmonster? Will The Hammer be spinning?

Coming soon to a street near you
Any “reckless moves against China's interests” would be confronted by consequences, said the newspaper, adding that “once China adopts political and economic countermeasures, they (UK) would hardly bear the suffering.”

In the words of KK, "I'd love it", if the fuckwits that are Vague and Clogg were to pursue their attempt to bring the Chinese to book. As we wind down our experienced armed forces in preference to adverts on the TV for new, raw recruits we are going to become an absolute laughing stock (if we are not already).

Go on Willy, go on Cleggy fulfill your dreams. Poke a stick at the Chinese and watch as America doesn't bail you out.

* With apologies to OMD

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