“One sees the sun slowly set, yet one is surprised when it suddenly becomes dark.” Franz Kafka

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bitter Harvest

Miscanthus, a biofuel crop. Photo courtesy of USDA/Bob Nichols.

Isn't it just great when the assorted batteries of eco-fascists go to extraordinary lengths to foist a 'planet saving' idea onto humanity only to rack up a catalogue of eco disasters that they have neither foreseen nor paid attention to?

The scramble for biofuels is rapidly killing off unique grasslands and pastures in the central US. 
Bill Henwood of the Temperate Grasslands Conservation Initiative in Vancouver, Canada, says the results are distressing.

Well, Bill this is what happens when one group of 'conservationists' ram through their agenda against the wishes of other conservationists. All it means is that you are in the wrong group. The bigger they are, the louder they can shout and the less attention is paid to small fry. You'd better get used to it, after all we, the ordinary men and women, have had all manner of things foisted upon us without ever having a say in it.

You, like us are at the less than tender mercies of the WHO and the WWF, the UN, the US and the EU (although not so much the EU in your case).

And what of the EU, you know those eco unfriendly barbarians with the anti Midas touch?

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

The growth of palm oil plantations in Indonesia has led to massive amounts of deforestation.

European demand for biofuel was set to spike, driven in part by EU regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
Industry researchers had found an answer in palm oil, a relatively easy-to-produce biofuel source. Plantation owners prepared their operations to meet the demand...
... and environmental chaos ensued. 
High-consumption production practices, moving palm oil with petrol powered trucks and the practice of draining and burning peat bogs to prepare farmland have made the south-east Asian nation one of the world's leading greenhouse gas emitters.

Y'see Bill, when you allow a group of ignorant half-wits to set the agenda you will end up with a far worse situation than the one you initially had. But you know, it's not ever really been about the environment, it's always been about the money. The corrupt, corpulent leeches that inhabit every large governing body and charity are only ever in it for themselves and what they can make.

Meanwhile, back in the good ol' US of A

Over 70% of the wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region have been drained or severely degraded, and the destruction continues. 
Grasslands crucial to waterfowl populations have been decimated-less than one-fourth remains and the prairies continue to be converted to cropland at an alarming rate.
The federal farm program subsidizes wheat, corn, soybeans accelerating the destruction of the native prairie.

It could be mistaken for a Boulting Brother's comedy were it not for the fact that real lives, as always, are impacted.

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